UM specializes in manufacturing heavy-duty, stitched industrial lift table safety skirts.  Our safety skirts are all custom-manufactured to fit any table size, configuration and height of extended scissors.  

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Construction & Added Features of UM Safety Skirts 

Accordion-Style Scissor Lift Safety Skirts are constructed to enclose all sides around the lift deck.  Enclosing the scissor mechanism helps to eliminate the possibility of personnel being injured during lifting and/or lowering operations.  Safety Skirts also protect the lift mechanism from being fouled by dirt or other foreign objects. 

  • Manufactured of tough, flame-resistant 23 ounce reinforced vinyl/polyester material with alternating yellow & black convolutions for added safety
  • Wire reinforcements installed in the outer edge of every other convolution to add additional strength, as well as to permit a more compact fold when the table lift is at its lowest position
  • Maintenance straps installed to hold the safety skirt in the raised position for ease of maintaining the units
  • Tie straps sewn on the inside of the safety skirt to help prevent overextending to increase the product's life expectancy 
  • Hook & Loop Fasteners installed to bolt together or fasten the top of the skirt 
  • A hem (i.e., pocket) is installed on the bottom of the safety skirt, that allows a bar or weighted rod (either an optional inclusion with order or provided by the customer) to hold the safety skirt in place around the table's base
  • Optional additional bolt or Hook & Loop Fasteners can be added to the bottom of the safety skirt 
  • Customized to fit around 1, 2, 3, 4 or more sides of a platform